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In such a scenario the total to pursue ,Coach Purses Outlet Online, to pondering , if , when I was able to stick with vows,Coach Purses Outlet, perhaps, twenty years would not have been hard to miss the entanglement . If , then is not my wayward , at sunset , we will walk on the beach , in the rain, we will listen to the rain in the window , in the next month , will be a pot of tea to taste slowly together ,Coach Outlet Online, playing a song, sing a song , so the scene must be very happy, very romantic . So the scene in my mind , over and over again repeated with, let me again and again drunk in such a dream, think of you again and again .
Late at night , autumn gently , the moonlight is strong . Get rid of those thoughts , gently , softly wrapped around in my heart , the distance you , flies right ?I often remember to follow your shadow , always remember once when young and frivolous, always remember to keep the dream of the reef . In the moonlight , the beach, despite the sea breeze , Cecil strands ruffled my hair and let the spray pat my feet bare , wet my skirt and let the laughter in the night flying.
The flame of hope lit by you , eager to see your mood has been insincere . Had been unable to read to make my peace of mind , so, listening to music, over and over again like you.Far from the shady trees , leaves dance jiggle , I seem to hear them whisper , moonlight, you thick I concentrated . Say , love deeper, longer love , then thoughts of you , have you pulled into a long shadow ? I remember Lama wrote this poem: "That January , I shake all of the tube , not for salvation , only for the touch of your fingertips. That I, to the mountain turn water transfer pagoda, not to repair afterlife , only to meet with you the way . "I often touched in his verse ,Coach Factory Outlet Online, the thoughts, perhaps a cup of bitter coffee , there is a deep sense of fragrance , there Sese bitterness. I drink coffee without sugar , knowing that the bitter,Coach Outlet, but still willing to taste that bitter aroma , the plume as I miss you , has a bitter taste , but the heart grow fonder .
I pray that in this life, if one day, let me find you, I want you to hold my hands once again , give me a warm hug , let me close my eyes , relying on your shoulder , the smell of you atmosphere, enjoy a sweet happiness.How about you , does it , as I so miss ? Whether ,Cheap Coach Purses, once when I was walked resentment ? I have looked for footprints ? When every thought of this , my heart will have a trace of pain , I kept thinking , tears do not obedient.When that day, I finally saw you in the crowd back,http://www.coachxpursesoutlet.com/, once you inadvertently look back , and doomed to this life , we are once again reunited .
However, all of this, but I do have a dream, miss fate , like flowers missed , missed the results , how can it be repeated ? I knew , in this life, no longer have each other . But in my heart there is still a hint of sadness and a touch of longing let me linger.I like Lama wrote a poem : "You read , or do not read me, my love is there ,Coach Bags Outlet Online, not to go ." I often indulge in his poem , always thinking , you see , or not see me , I'll be there, not sad not happy .I spent twenty years of time to miss you, with over a decade of time to find you , Buddha: Wan France are born , are tied fate, chance encounter , Muran look back , destined to each other 's life . Perhaps we love unfulfilled, ten years of searching , the guardian of life , and finally let me see you in the vast sea Muran look back , look intersection of the moment , my heart was still affects you , except a hint of surprise , there is a hint of pain.