The way to finalize event #2 in Criminal Case

In this brief walkthrough you'll discover the best way to complete the second example in Criminal Case. If you follow the guide you will find that it's quite simple to complete it without wasting too much energy.

Let's start with Case #2 - Corpse in a garden. The victim's hand was brutally cut off and he bled to death. The first chapter occurs at the deserted house, where the location where in actuality the hand was cut off and also the first crime scene of Joe's mini market. In this chapter you have 3 primary scenes: Junkyard Garden, Dirty Bathroom and Mini Market. You then need to speak with Dave Simmons and Joe Stern. They'll lead you to Tony Marconi - the local mafia boss. After you talk with Marconi, you'll have suspicions and you'll need to look at the trash bag. When all this can be done, you will have 3 suspects - Dave Simmons, Joe Stern and Tony Marconi and you will unlock the next chapter.

Chapter 2: During the next chapter, the captain tells you to return to the first two offenses scenes to find more evidence. Whenever you find it, you should have to begin with the additional crime scenes. Then you ought to investigate Junkyard Garden Again because you have left a clue in the very first investigation - Heap of Leaves. When you find the clue, you will have to investigate Dirty Bathroom again and you'll discover one more clue there - tie clip. Then the investigation is done. You must start examining the hints. Do it in the following order: Heap of Leaves, Analyze footprints, examine the clip, examine the phone number. When you're done, speak with Maria Sanchez and Dennis Brown. And lastly analyze the Surveillance Camera.

Chapter 2 - additional investigation.
Bear in mind that in this chapter plenty of energy is required and you might find useful some free power. You can get it from here - criminal case free stars. After you've done all the laboratory tests and examined everything, you should do few more issues before you complete the investigation. Check Dave Simmons presence to the crime scene and assist Joe Sterns. Investigate Market Shelves again and get the box of biscuits. Then inquire Junkyard Garden and look for stained documents. Examine the carton of cookies, analyze the bag of powder, examine stained documents and analyze file number. Tell the shop-assistant about the elements of the powder, which happens to be drug. This is actually the ending with this case and you'll have to arrest the suspect.