Beyonce Dereon Footwear Lines are now global

For years now, Louboutin has been probably the most recognized shoe designers for ladies. The original Houston diva herself recently announced now that her Dereon footwear lines are now global and will also be debuting in Dubai, with launches to follow in a number of Middle Eastern countries. The line has reached the consumer bases of Greece and Columbia but Beyonce and her pursuit of world domination both in the fashion and music business alike is not over.

The Houstonbred singer is notorious for being fashionforward and a trendsetter. So it comes as no real surprise that her Dereon footwear lines are one which not just denotes her tastes for edgy trends (studs, spikes, large buckles) but also a line that will bring much wanted focus on the feet.

Can the Houston fashionista climb up the Red Bottom Outlet and become the next household name together with Louboutin for savvy consumers and celebrity shoeaholics? Only time will tell. So for the time being relax watching as Beyonce attempts to dominate the shoe world together with her Dereon designs. Based on media sources, the road will debut the coming year sometime in Europe. Before the royal wedding of the year? That in and of itself would certainly confirm that Beyonce has achieved her mostwanted global domination.